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Dec 152018


John 3:16

For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Jesus Christ Witness God’s Victorious Army

Charity No. 1081578 www.godpod.org.uk

Charity No. 1081578 www.godpod.org.uk

I thank The Lord for upholding us according to His word and allowing us to witness once again, taking up the cross and walking around the Island Easter week.
On Good Friday we were singing in Newport open air underneath the arches when 3 young people came over to us with 6 cold drinks that they had bought with their money. I asked why had they done it and they said because they wanted to. What a blessing with tender hearts like that, it would have been wrong not to share the word of God with them, “Giving the least a cold drink.”
Also what a blessing to be able to join with Churches together, singing praises to the Glorious God Head. Every Blessing, Mick.

Bus Outreach Times for Each Evening
The bus ministry continues to operate 5 nights per week Monday to Friday by God’s grace.

Mondays 7pm – Ryde Western gardens (Ryde Esplanade)
Tuesdays 7pm – Freshwater Moa Place Car Park
Wednesdays 7pm – Wroxall Station Road Car Park
Thursdays 7pm – Shanklin Main Co-op Side Car Park
Fridays 6pm – Newport Church Litten Car Park

A Royal Wedding
John 2:11 Amplified Bible (AMP) ‘This, the first of His signs (attesting miracles), Jesus did in Cana of Galilee, and revealed His glory [displaying His deity and His great power openly], and His disciples believed [confidently] in Him [as the Messiah—they adhered to, trusted in, and relied on Him]’.
With the recent royal wedding occurring, I thought of the wedding in Cana. By attending, Jesus stamped his approval on the marriage covenant between a man and woman.- Genesis 2:24, Amplified Bible (AMP) ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and shall be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh’.
During the wedding feast the wine ran out. Jesus did something only God can do. He changed the molecular composition of matter, the water became wine. The wine was good. God’s timing is always perfect and Jesus, knowing the wine would run out, displayed for the first time his glory. Jesus changed the water into wine. In the same way he changes a hard heart into a soft heart. Those who know the Lord can attest to this miracle of transformation. We’ve all been invited to a wedding feast (Matthew 22). Some will refuse to attend but that doesn’t mean we don’t hand out the invites. Only the Lord knows who will attend, and as his workers let’s tell about this wonderful wedding feast when the opportunity arises. – Every blessing Richard.

Thank you every one for your continued prayers, please continue praying for myself, Mick and my daughter Shannon who is in need of prayer for her health. Also for the upcoming shows that we take the bus out to, and the ladies who do a fantastic job face painting. There are still spaces needing to be filled on the prayer clock. God bless, Dave & Lin.
Pray for the work of the gospel on the island and the church. Pray for those who minister the good news and teach the word. Pray for our institutions and all of those who hold office and in authority. Pray that the life giving message of Jesus would be revealed on this isle amidst the prevailing culture and against the tide of unbelief. God can open hearts through his Spirit. Pray for all of Gods people to have the wisdom and boldness with God given opportunities to share with those the dear Lord may put in our path in love.

If you would like to know how to pray for the bus outreach please contact Dave & Lin Sibley by email on dave_lin@hotmail.com or phone 01983 854903.

Teaching Weekends – Paul Carter
This year Paul has completed 2 of the 4 weekends. Below is listed the second two of these. These dates can be also seen on our website www.godpod.org.uk. Anyone is welcome to come and join with us. For more info please phone one of the team.
– Friday 21/09/2018 7.30pm Wayfarers Fellowship, Castle Street, Carisbrooke.
– Saturday 22/09/2018 9.30am Wayfarers Fellowship, Castle Street, Carisbrooke.
– Sunday 23/09/2018 11.00am Bethany Evangelical Church, Union Street, Newport.
– Sunday 23/09/2018 6.30pm Lake Green Mission, Percy Road, Lake.
– Friday 02/11/2018 7.30pm Wayfarers Fellowship, Castle Street, Carisbrooke.
– Saturday 03/11/2018 9.30am Wayfarers Fellowship, Castle Street, Carisbrooke.
– Sunday 04/11/2018 10.30am Ryde Elim, Albert Street, Ryde.
– Sunday 04/11/2018 6.30pm Ryde Elim, Albert Street, Ryde.

This Summer Shows
For many years now we have had the wonderful opportunity of attending two of the island summer shows. We intend (lord willing) to be at the Chale show early August and the Wolverton Manor show in early September. We set up a marquee with the intention of sharing the gospel in a more relaxed way. We provide face painting, children’s craft, a book stall and a bric-a-brac stall. Both shows give an invaluable opportunity to give out tracts, but more importantly time to have conversations. We would appreciate your prayer support and would love to see you should you attend.
Every blessing, Roy.

A Walking Challenge – Fundraising
Over the 19th to 23rd of June I will be walking around the Isle of Wight coastal path to raise funds for the Christian Institute who are dedicated Christian charity who defend Christian truth in the public arena especially where Christian freedoms and teaching of the bible is eroded in society. They provide legal help to those affected and face court action due to Christian conscience. Their website is www.christian.org.uk.
Perhaps you could consider giving to this important work using secure giving page at www.give.net/Wightpathwalk. Type the web address into your internet browser and you will be able to go straight to my page. The giving page will be still active after the week for a while yet.
God Bless, Nigel.

May God Bless you and your loved ones always.

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