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John 3:16

For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Jesus Christ Witness God’s Victorious Army

Charity No. 1081578
Summer 2015 NEWSLETTER

Charity No. 1081578

‘Pleasant words are a honeycomb sweet to the soul and healing to the bones’- Proverbs 16 vrs 24.

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ
Easter seems a long way off now, but the memory is still sweet.
We had a wonderful time, probably the most blessed ever, as there were many opportunities to share the “Good news”. The Lord graciously fulfilled His word, “Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners” and this He did.
It seemed for a short while that the walk of the cross would not take place owing to illness two weeks previous. We thank the dear Lord for strengthening us by His precious word.
We are now looking forward to our time of teaching with Paul Carter and the forthcoming summer shows “God willing”.
Have a blessed summer and maybe we will see you at the shows.
Every blessing Mick and Anne

Like Mick, thinking of our Easter witness, we were much encouraged on Good Friday by the walk of witness joining with us for a time in St James Square Newport. It is so good when we are able to join together to honour our dear Lord in this way. There is no better time than at Easter to witness publically for the Lord.
“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity
It is like the precious ointment on the head that ran down on the beard, Aaron’s beard, that went down to the mouth of his garments; like the dew of Hermon that came down on the mountains of Zion; for there Jehovah commanded the blessing, life forevermore’ -Psalm 133 .
Thank you for all the prayer and financial support we receive on this journey together.
Every blessing Roy

By the grace of God, we enjoyed a wonderful Easter week and were glad to carry the cross as a witness once again. On Good Friday we also were able to spend time at St James’ Square, Newport, for street witness, with song, sketch board & tracts. There were a good number of con-versations during this time with passersby and we hope many will think about the faith. It was also a joy to spend some time with the Newport walk of witness as their team came through the square and stopped to join in some hymns with us.
Every blessing Nigel

Prayer Clock
If anyone would like to join the prayer clock to pray a 15 minute prayer slot or more per day, then please contact Dave Sibley on:- 854903 / 07967912226 or e-mail at
If you have a prayer need please contact Dave and we will pray for you.

Teaching Weekend – Paul Carter
We look forward to receiving Paul once more for the first of 3 weekends this year as detailed below. The teaching event is on Friday evening & Saturday morning. On the Sunday these are scheduled preaching engagements. Dates for September & November can be seen on our website Anyone is welcome to come and join with us. For more information please phone one of the team.
– Friday 26/06/2015 7.30pm Lake Green Mission, Percy Road, Lake.
– Saturday 27/06/2015 9.30am Lake Green Mission, Percy Road, Lake.
– Sunday 28/06/2015 11.00am Bethany Church, Union Street, Newport.
– Sunday 28/6/2015 6.30pm Lake Green Mission, Percy Road, Lake.

You might ask what happens on the Godpod?
We take the bus out for 5 nights most weeks to towns as shown below:

Mondays 7pm – Ryde Western gardens (Ryde Esplanade)
Tuesdays 7pm – Freshwater Moa Place Car Park
Wednesdays 7pm – Wroxall Station Road Car Park
Thursdays 7pm – Shanklin Main Co-op Side Car Park
Fridays 6pm – Newport Church Litten Car Park

The ministry started in 1994 in Newport and the witness has been mainly to young people although we include all who come to the bus. The questions asked vary and some put us on the spot, but we always endeavour to give an honest answer. Some ask about our initials JCWGVA or about the pictures on the bus. This gives us an opportunity to share the gospel in a sensitive manner. We are not in the numbers game, but we rejoice when a decision for Christ is made.
We have been called to be seed sowers and it is a privilege to do this. We are often encouraged by our fellow Christians who visit or acknowledge us when they pass by. We know that the person we represent the Lord Jesus Christ is not welcomed by many and so we expect a negative response to the gospel. We thank God that for the time being we have the liberty to share but who knows how long for? As you will understand it can be a challenging work mentally & spiritually but worth it, every minute. Glory to Jesus the risen one who loves us eternally and gave himself for us!
Please pray for all involved throughout our country who preach the gospel regularly.

Update on events
We have recently attended the Bembridge Street fayre on the May bank holiday. This event was well attended. We set our book stall out and our ladies were engaged with face painting. This, along with some seed sowing and the visual witness of the bus vehicle, added up to a time well spent. The Lord willing, we are still on course to set up at two of the summer shows – Chale Show on Sat1st & Sun 2nd August; Wolverton Manor Sat 29th & Sun 30th August.

May the Lord’s grace be with you and your loved ones – The Team and Trustees.

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